TCK Team

The Cartel Kings

TCK Team


Position:               Owner / Operator / Designer

Location:              Gold Coast, Australia

Media:                  @thecartelkings

Kirstie has a background in website design, marketing and had a vision for a clothing line for many years, TCK came about in mid 2015 with the release date on the 25th November 2015.



Position:               2IC / Merchandiser

Location:              Gold Coast, Australia

Years with TCK:   3 years

Sharon has worked in the retail industry for over 20 years, she brings great experience in sourcing quality products and keeping prices affordable for our customers. 



Position:               TCK Ambassador

Location:               Adelaide, Australia

Years with TCK:    3 years

Media:                  @dakkypoo

Dak has been a solid promoter of TCK for the past year. If you see him reppin the TCK gear in Adelaide make sure you say hello!

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